How to Prevent Roof Leaks from Melting Snow

We rely on our homes roof to protect us from many different types of weather, which are often unpredictable. Winter storms and heavy snowfall can put our roofing systems under a lot of pressure. The good news is that if you keep up to date with your roof maintenance, then your Pittsburgh roof system should be fine. Unfortunately, there may be times when water can get into the house from roof leaks.

One of the mist difficult times of the year is when there is heavy snowfall. The snow will put a lot of pressure on the roof structure, but it is when it melts that the problems can occur. Also, we have put a few recommendations to help prevent roof leaks from Melting snow.

Know Yours Pittsburgh Homes Roofing System

It is essential that you have yearly roof inspections once your roof is older than 10 years old to see if there are any broken or loose shingles. In addition, if any areas are damaged, they need to be repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Also, having your Pittsburgh-PA roofing contractor check ventilation gaskets will aid in reducing future roof leak repairs needing to be completed.

Yearly Maintenance of Flashing and Gutters

You should always make sure that your Pittsburgh-PA’s homes roof flashing is properly sealed and preventing water from entering into your home interior. In addition, having maintenance completed on your gutter will make sure they are not blocked. Blocked rain gutters make it much easier for ice dams to form. This is the last thing you want because the melting water will not be able to drain away from your homes roof, and if it refreezes, it will cause ripping or tearing in the shingles. This will result in water having a path to enter your home and causing roof leak that will be difficult to repair in the wintertime.

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Consulting A Roofing Contractor Pittsburgh-PA

With our winters so difficult to predict, it makes sense to speak with a local Pittsburgh-PA roofing contractor about the different methods to prevent roof leaks during the winter. Quick response to a roof leak can reduce repair cost by 50%.

In addition, your homes ventilation can help to control the temperature of your roof and reduce the formation of ice dams. Either way, an experienced roofing contractor in Pittsburgh-PA will be able to provide you with invaluable advice, which saves you any unwanted roof leaks. The top-rated Pittsburgh roofers are Peak Precision Contracting, contact them by phone at (412) 498-4299, email: or website