5 Spring Pittsburgh Roofing Maintenance Tips

5 Spring Pittsburgh Roofing Maintenance Tips

Now that the weather is starting to getting warmer, most western Pennsylvania homeowners start thinking about new plants for their landscaping, days when they relax on their patio, or getting the grill. Nearly no one thinks about checking on their roofing system or having Pittsburgh roof maintenance completed.

All winter, your roof has protected you from the snow and cold weather, now it’s time to give your Pittsburgh roof a checkup. By following these spring Pittsburgh roof maintenance tips, you’ll show your roof, your great weather protector, some love, while also preventing some major issues down the line.

1 Get A Free Roof Inspection

According to the National Roofing Contractors Association, western Pennsylvania homeowners should have their roofs professionally inspected at least twice a year — once in the fall to check on any damage the summer sun and storms may have caused, and once in the spring to see if winter weather took its toll on your roof.

Checking in on the condition of your shingles, gutters, flashing, and protrusions is highly important for maintaining good overall roof health. Also, once those start to wear down, costly repairs start to build up. If you notice open gaps or loose roof materials during your spring inspection, make sure to call a licensed Pittsburgh roofing contractor so your roof can get ahead of the damage before summer storms wear them down even more.

2. Keep it clean

When spring arrives, your gutters can quickly fill with seeds, pods, buds, and petals. It is important to clear away anything that obstructs your gutters from properly draining. Proper gutter drainage is essential to maintain proper roof health. While unclogging your gutters yourself is an option, if you notice mold or algae during your spring Pittsburgh roof inspection, make sure you call a local roofing expert. They have special equipment that can clean your shingles without damaging them, as well as biodegradable cleaning solutions that can help prevent mold growth.

3. Proper Roof Ventilation

Inadequate ventilation can cause mold, Pittsburgh ice damming, and a wide variety of other issues with your roof. As the moisture in your home rises to your attic, if it can get out, it’ll start to build up and condense, causing problems throughout your home.

The FHA (Federal Housing Administration) recommends a minimum of at least 1 square foot of attic ventilation (both intake and exhaust) for every 300 square feet of attic space. When you have your Pittsburgh roof inspection this year, have the inside of your attic and your vents checked out to guarantee that your home is moving air as it should.

4. Guaranteeing you’re covered-Pittsburgh Roof Maintenance

As much as following good Pittsburgh Roof Maintenance tips can help stave off trouble, regular checkups can only do so much against a big storm. Making sure your homeowner’s insurance policy covers roof damage can make you feel more at ease about the things you can’t control. Not having the proper coverage in your homeowner’s policy can be an extremely expensive mistake. Most importantly, double-checking your homeowner’s policy may not seem like an obvious Pittsburgh roof maintenance suggestion, but it can most certainly assist you in knowing what to prepare for in the future.

5. Get A Great Warranty

Getting to know what is and is and is not covered when it comes to your roofing Pittsburgh. It can make you feel secure when you need to call in the professional roofing contractors Pittsburgh. In addition, while many “lifetime” roof warranties only last 20 to 30 years, Peak Precision’s warranty is upfront and honest. We utilize the industries best materials and are one of the only platinum preferred contractors in western Pennsylvania!

Is your Pittsburgh roof ready for spring?

While following these Pittsburgh roof maintenance tips can help you stave off some roofing problems, a bad winter can have serious effects on your roof and cause irreversible damage. To get the roof replacement process started, contact the roofing experts at Peak Precision Contracting at 412-498-4299 or visit us online to request a free estimate.