Reasons To Consider Pittsburgh Roof Financing

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Reasons To Consider Pittsburgh Roof Financing

Financing a new roof is becoming more common because homeowners are able to get the roof they need without breaking the bank. Whether you are needing a new roof because you are about to sell your home or you are needing one due to damage from a storm, age, or neglect, we are here for you! 

Pittsburgh Roof Financing Through Peak Precision Contracting

Lets be real, most home owners so not wants to spend their hard-earned income on repairing or replacing a Pittsburgh roofing system but it is a necessary investment. When you are looking to replace your roof, having a plan of action in place is highly important but in reality, most people do not. To assist you in planning better financially, we have partnered with Hearth Financing to offer you the best roof financing options in Pittsburgh available.

How much does a new Pittsburgh roof cost anyway?

When the time arrives to get a new Pittsburgh roof, it can quickly become overwhelming trying to figure out how much money you will need for all associated costs. On average, the normal reroof in western Pennsylvania will cost between $7,000 – $15,000. Keep in mind there are several factors to consider when planning for new roof, but the two largest factors to take into consideration are:

  • The Size of Your Pittsburgh Roof 
  • The Type of Roofing Material 

Many western Pennsylvania wonder if homeowners insurance will assist in covering these costs. If your roofing system is damaged due to a storm or sudden incident, most homeowners policies should cover the replacement costs. But, issues that arise from general wear and tear or issues that spring up from a roof that has exceeded its lifespan are normally not covered by any insurance type.

Why finance?

Living in Pennsylvania we get our fair share of eye-opener hailstorms and strong wind and with that, comes storm damage. Typically, replacing your Pittsburgh roof is an unexpected occurrence that many property owners do not plan for. Most importantly, being completely aware of your options when it comes to replacing your Pittsburgh roof is important so you can be left with the best option for you and your family. for you. Below are essential benefits of Pittsburgh roof financing.

Low Monthly Payments 

When you finance your new Pittsburgh roof you can benefit from having affordable low monthly payments. In addition, you have the option to pay smaller payments over a longer period rather than paying a large lump sum in the beginning. Also, low monthly payments allow you to have the flexibility to pay at a speed your most comfortable with.

Customized Plan 

Our Pittsburgh roofing contractors will work hand and hand with you to assist in determining the best finance option available for you. We want to make the process as easy as possible and will be with you each step of the way. Most approvals occur within 60 seconds and require no money down. We understand the importance of replacing a Pittsburgh roof and want to work with you to provide you with several options that you can easily afford. Most importantly, if you choose to Pittsburgh roof financing with us, you have the option to finance the total Pittsburgh residential roofing project or just a part of it.

How do I apply for Pittsburgh Roof financing?

There are a few different ways you can easy apply for instant financing. 

  1.  You can apply for instant financing through the Hearth link by clicking “Get Approved” on our roof financing page.
  2.  You can also apply with the safe and secure Hearth app on your Pittsburgh roofing specialist’s mobile device 

Applying for Pittsburgh roof financing is a simple 3-step process. You will click the link to apply, select the plan that best suits your need, and fill out a simple approval form. We offer a wide variety of options that are tailored to meet your families specific needs.  

Let us help you! 

When the time comes for you to get a new roof on your home, we want you to be equipped with all the knowledge needed to make the right decision for you and your family. In addition, we will gladly work with you to come up with a plan that best suits your financial needs. With Peak Precision Contracting the price of your new roof does not change if you decide to use our simple roof financing.

Let us assist you in making a fantastic home investment. Call today at (412) 498-4299 to see which financing option can best suit your specific needs.