The population of Canonsburg is getting bigger and bigger each year. It is one of the most popular citys in Washington County-PA. Being  a popular place for catering to a growing population, Canonsburg features quite a few attractions. Out of those places of interest, you’re going to discover a few museums and local parks in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania.

Best Attractions in Canonsburg Pennsylvania

Greater Canonsburg Heritage Society On West Pike Street. 

If you look at a list of the city’s top attractions, the first museum that pops up in the rankings is Greater Canonsburg Heritage Society. It is important to note that you have to make an appointment in order to tour this niche museum. The location for Greater Canonsburg Heritage Society is 304 W Pike Street. The museum features a Historical Societies & Historic Preservation of local artifacts. You’re going to really enjoy this private tour and the personal stories behind the collection.

Pennsylvania Trolley Museum near Washington County-PA Fair Grounds

Let’s look at another museum before getting to a couple of the parks in The Discovery City as Canonsburg is known. The Pennsylvania Trolley Museum came to Chartiers Township, Washington County in February 1954 with three trolleys and a dream that was born in 1941. Pennsylvania Trolley Museum now boasts a collection of nearly 50 cars, over 600 members worldwide, 150 active volunteers, and over 30,000! The Pennsylvania Trolley Museum is awesome, and you get to learn about history of trolley cars and how they impacted the community. It's a self guided tour that is a must when visiting Canonsburg. 

Canonsburg Town Park Near The Borough of Canonsburg Borough Building

When looking at parks in Canonsburg PA, you’re going to run across so many places to choose from. One of the names is Canonsburg Town Park, but it’s actually a where you can go to have a amazing time with your family. So heads up if you see ‘Canonsburg Town Park’ mentioned, and you want a place to experience nature with the family.

Peters Lake Park Near Montour Trail Access In Canonsburg-PA 

One of the absolute best places to go do that is the Peters Lake Park. It is one of the most iconic places to visit in Canonsburg out of all the parks in the entire city the is a 189 acre park. The park offers a waterside park featuring a woodchip walking trail, fishing and launches for canoes & kayaks. Peters Lake Park gives you the opportunity to leave the stress from every day life behind and enjoy the great outdoors all while still being located in Canonsburg-PA.

Southpointe Park and Ride in Southpointe

Southpointe Park and Ride is within the most known area called Southpointe. If you haven’t yet heard of the Southpointe, you certainly need to get familiar with the top place of interest when you’re in Canonsburg. Southpointe Park and Ride is specifically located at 657 Morganza Rd, and it is always playing host to events. The park features a central area to get to every where you want in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. 

Canonsburg Parks and Museums conclusion

That’s just the beginning of what’s waiting for you in terms of museums and local parks in Canonsburg PA. If you live in Canonsburg, take your time making your way around to all of them. If you’re visiting the city, then pick from among the top-ranked attractions, starting with the four places mentioned. Great times await you in the city of Canonsburg, Pennsylvania.