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You own a house, but you live in a home. Your life is built here in Bethel Park, Pennsylvania, and the walls are filled with precious memories. Your hard work and dedication to your home's longevity support those walls. And at the peak, holding all those treasured memories, is your Bethel Park PA roofing system.


When it comes to making that house a home, the exterior structure is just as important as the memories, right? At Peak Precision Contracting, Bethel Park, Pennsylvania's best residential roofing contractor, we have been building and repairing roofs and homes for our community for many years. Choosing Peak Precision Contracting is more than choosing a Bethel Park roofer; it is choosing a dedicated roofing contractor who understands the value of your house and the importance of your home.

If you want:

  • The highest quality of service from roofers who have satisfied hundreds of customers
  • A roofing contractor that installs their own roofing products
  • Quick and stress-free one-day service on new roof installations
  • Free no-obligation inspection and estimates on residential roofing services


Then Peak Precision Contracting is the roofing contractor for you. We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible service, and we would be honored to help you protect your home and your memories.


Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and estimate. We look forward to hearing from you!

Water Damage

same-day roof repair Bethel Park PA


Water damage can lead to mold, structural damage, or a fire. Mold can grow as early as 48 hours after the start of a roof leak. Mold, if left too long, can compromise the integrity of your house. The mold will eat away at the structure of the home which can cause damage to the floors and ceilings. If a leak is not tended to, the water could start to leak into electrical wires causing a house fire. 



Our Bethel Park roof repair experts are available for emergency roofing services and service both residential & commercial roofing types. If you need us, we will be there no matter what. Don't wait any longer, contact the best roof repair Bethel Park PA company today! If you have an emergency that needs immediate attention, our emergency roofing Pittsburgh teams are here to help.

Professional Bethel Park-PA Roofers

The Qualities of a Top-Rated Bethel Park Roofing Contractor

A good roofing contractor is more than just someone who can install a new roof. The best Bethel Park roofing contractors are experts in their field, with a deep understanding of roofing materials, construction techniques, and the local climate. They are also dedicated to providing their customers with the highest quality of service, from the initial consultation to the final inspection.


Here are some of the qualities that make a Bethel Park roofing contractor the best at his craft:


  • Expertise: The best roofing contractors have a deep understanding of roofing materials, construction techniques, and the local climate. They know which materials are best suited for different applications, and they can use their expertise to design and install a roof that will protect your home for years to come.
  • Experience: The best roofing contractors have years of experience in the industry. They have seen it all, from minor repairs to major renovations. They know how to handle any situation that may arise, and they can get the job done right the first time.
  • Honesty: The best roofing contractors are honest and trustworthy. They will give you a fair price for their services, and they will not try to sell you something you don't need. They will also be upfront about any potential problems, and they will work with you to find the best solution.
  • Customer service: The best roofing contractors are dedicated to providing their customers with the highest quality of service. They will answer your questions in a timely manner, and they will be responsive to your needs. They will also make sure that your roof is installed correctly, and that you are satisfied with the finished product.



If you are looking for a Bethel Park roofing company you can trust, it is important to choose one who has these qualities. By doing so, you can be sure that your roof will be installed correctly and that it will protect your home for years to come.


Here are some additional tips for choosing a Bethel Park roofing contractor:


  • Get multiple estimates. This will help you compare prices and make sure that you are getting a fair deal.
  • Ask for references. Check with previous customers to see how they were satisfied with the contractor's work.
  • Make sure the contractor is licensed and insured. This will protect you in case something goes wrong during the installation.
  • Get everything in writing. This includes the scope of work, the price, and the warranty.


By following these tips, you can be sure to choose the best Bethel Park roofing contractor for your needs. Over the last decade 100's of Bethel Park property owners have selected Peak Precision Contracting! 

Guaranteed Results You Can Rely On!

At Peak Precision Contracting, we believe that it is important to make your Bethel Park roofing experience as painless as possible. From the moment you contact us, you begin a process of ease and transparency. You will never have to deal with answering systems, you will never feel pressure, and at Peak Precision Contracting we work around your schedule. For as long as you own your home, you will have a warranty from Peak Precision Contracting. 

What Our Valued Bethel Park PA Roofing Customers Say

Beth S
Beth S
Bethel Park Homeowner

Peak Precision did a fantastic job replacing the asphalt shingle roof on my mother's house! Time was of the essence getting this job done as we accepted an offer on the house and needed to get the roof replaced asap. Devin was super responsive in getting me a reasonable quote, scheduling the job and completing the work - it all happened in two weeks! The roof was a challenge with asphalt shingles which many contractors won't touch plus it has really steep peaks in the front. His crew had the job done in a little over a day. They did a good job on cleanup too. Roof looks great! Based on this experience, I would definitely hire them again and recommend Peak Precision to anyone. Also, the company does other types of work, not just roofing.

George R
George R
Bethel Park Homeowner

Devin and his men go above and beyond to satisfy a customer. I'm a retired business owner with 30 years experience in customer service. I routinely feel disappointed by the service you get these days. I'm so happy I called Peak! Devin was truly awesome throughout the entire process! His men were clean, neat and courteous. After each day they cleaned everything things up good as new. They even go thru the yard with large magnets on poles to find any excess materials or nails. I have cut grass twice since they roofed my house and have yet to find a nail. I can't recommend these guys enough. Do yourself a favor call this guy save yourself some time, money and aggravation.

James A
James A
Bethel Park Property Owner
If you have never gone through roof issues with an Insurance Company then I highly recommend Peak Precession. Our point of Contact Devin was outstanding he navigated us through the process with kid gloves and is still working with our carrier for additional unforeseen expenses that may happen to you and you will really appreciate an advocate on your side. Our carrier is Outstanding as well, but to have someone assist lesson the anxiety as well as do outstanding craftsmanship in a day and a half/clean up and leave like they where never their (Except for the new roof and gutters) Then stop looking through adds and give Devin a call
Tracey S.
Tracey S.
Venetia Homeowner

Precision Peak installed our new roof in April. They were fantastic to work with. Devin, the owner was friendly and very helpful. He answered all of my questions. And he kindly responded to and completed a last-minute request the day of the installation. He provided five-star customer service. The installation crew did an exceptional job. They arrived on time and were very courteous. The crew was considerate of the property and adequately protected the landscaping and deck. They did a phenomenal job at cleaning up - I didn’t find any roofing materials left behind. I would highly recommend Peak Precision!!

Meredith H
Meredith H
Upper St Clair Homeowner
Peak Precision is fantastic! These guys earned this 5 star rating! We recently had a new roof installed by Peak Precision and we’re beyond thrilled of the outcome! Our new roof is gorgeous and our home is safe! These guys know what they’re doing! They showed up on time and went right to work. They had our old roof off, boards inspected/ replaced and new roof installed in less than 12 hours. We’re simply amazed at how timely and efficient these gentlemen are. Our new roof is not only gorgeous but fantastic quality with a warranty! The price was the best around and the owner of the business, Devin Orsi, was awesome to work with! We’ll continue to use Peak Precision for all of our roofing and construction needs!
Nancy S
Nancy S
Bridgeville Property Owner
We told him we had water stains in a couple of rooms upstairs. He came out the same day and within a week we had a new roof
Ryan B.
Ryan B.
Mt Lebanon Homeowner
Devin and his team of installers did a great job installing two skylights that were worn and in desperate need of replacement. An honest assessment of the issue, and next day installation so we did not experience any more leakage from the old windows. The workers were friendly and respectful while doing the job in under 2 hours. Also replaced a vent and pipe boot while they were up there. Workmanship guarantee provides peace of mind and I would recommend Peak Precision for any roofing needs.
George B.
George B.
Pittsburgh Homeowner

After suffering some wind/storm damage, I called three roofers and not one called me back. I called Devin, left a message, and he called me back in 20 minutes. As we talked, he looked at my roof from Google maps, explained the design, roofing/shingle requirements, and why my roof was failing so soon. He went to bat for me with my insurance company who were less then cooperative. His crew showed up at 7am and by 4:00 were finishing up. At any given time, one of his crew members was 'sweeping' the driveway and yard with a magnet to find hidden nails. They raked my yard with a leaf rake to find any debris. When it was all said and done, my roof, driveway, and yard were nicer than they were at 7am that morning. His final invoice was not a penny over his estimate (his estimate beat what my neighbors paid by $1000s). You can either call three roofers and have none of them return your call, or you can just call Devin.

Amanda A
Amanda A
Allison Park Homeowner
Peak Precision was an amazing company to deal with. They are not happy until their customer is happy, and that is very refreshing. We had storm damage to our roof, and decided to replace the roof, soffit, fascia, and some siding on our brick house. We also wanted to replace the roof on my gazebo. We were shocked when Mr. Orsi told us during our initial consultation that we would be billed only after the project was complete and we were satisfied and happy with the work. We were floored, but that is the type of company Peak Precision is: they are great at what they do, perform high-quality, excellent work, and they guarantee your satisfaction. Mr. Orsi worked with us on picking colors, finding materials, and making sure we got everything we wanted out of the project. Anything I didn't like he quickly changed, and with a smile to boot! When the work began, his team was prompt, professional, and worked so hard I got tired just watching them. I could not be happier with the work and the experience, and I will be returning to this company in the future. My only complaint is that this company does not install windows, as I would hire them for every project in my home!
Sid N.
Sid N.
Wexford Homeowner

Used Peak precision to replace our roof and gutters, which had suffered storm damage. Of all the contractors that we spoke to, Devin was the most patient and provided the most detail of the process, costs etc. With his help, we were able to get everything covered by insurance. His contractors were very efficient and extremely friendly. They took great care to pause their work when our kids were outside, and also to clean up everything and left no debris/nails. The workmanship was top notch! Would very highly recommend !

Melissa K.
Melissa K.
Pittsburgh Homeowner
Devin was extremely helpful in dealing with my insurance agency. The roofers were on time and very hard working. I was very impressed with the attention to detail they took with the clean up on the final day as well.
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Expect The Best Roofing Contractor Bethel Park-PA, Let Peak Precision Do The Rest!

When you call us for a quote, you can be sure that our Bethel Park estimators will go above and beyond your expectations. You have questions and we have answers. We will help you make the decision that is right for your home, when it is right for you. And since we provide open book pricing, there is never any worry of fine print with Peak Precision Contracting. What you see is what you’ll get, and we’d be happy to show you anything that you’d like to see! Our goal is to make the process as painless and personal as we possibly can. Your job will be assigned to an Peak Precision Contracting project manager, who will ensure that your expectations are not only met, but exceeded!


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What Color Will Your New Bethel Park-PA Roof Be?

With some many roofing contractors offering you different products, how do you know what product and company to choose? Choose A company that will protect your investment and guarantee a 100% satisfaction, Choose Peak Precision Contracting! Here are a few shingle colors to consider, check out additional colors on our shingle color page.

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