Top Rated Roofing Contractors Venetia-PA

The Best Roofing Contractors Venetia-PA

Peak Precision Contracting offers homeowners much more than the normal roofing contractors Venetia do.  Our roofing company & crews provide superior craftsmanship built on over a long period of providing Venetia-PA roofing servicesVenetia roofing has been our market and our competitors can’t stand a chance, as we are loved by our clients for the services we provide. In addition to, offering quality products and superior craftsmanship that exceeds our customers’ expectations. In addition, Peak Precision Contracting operate our business with honesty and integrity and guarantee that all our Pittsburgh roof installation are completed correctly. Our dedication to customer satisfaction and attention to details has earned us the reputation as Venetia's preferred residential Roofing Contractor. 

 As a factory certified Owen Corning shingle installation contractor, you have the peace of mind know you have a true roofing professional completing your project. Also, our roofing company in Venetia, PA provides the highest quality roofing materials, at the most competitive prices. Above all Peak Precision Contracting can guarantee it's workmanship by self-performing 90% of our work, cutting out the middleman and providing the best overall customer experience. Why even think about hiring any other roofing contractors Venetia-PA?  Reaching Beyond The Peak of Prefection!


The Best Roofing Contractor Venetia-PA


You won't find any less than perfect roof installations from Peak Precision Contracting. In addition, we guarantee your roof will be installed correctly the first time!

- Skilled -

We have some of the world's most talented roofing Professionals from western Pennsylvania. Also, our employees have an average of 10+ years’ experience. 

- World Class -

Peak Precision Contracting understands that we are successful because of our customers, for that reasons we not only meet but exceed your expectations. 

Roofing Contractors Venetia-PA Core Values

Peak Precision Contracting has become not only the best roofing contractor in Venetia, PA but, the top performing commercial contractor in Western Pennsylvania. Our success is because of our valued customers and we strictly  operate under these core values:
  • Customer First-Having work done on your house can be a hassle. Also striving to make this as simple and easy for home owners as possible.
  • Highest Quality Standards-We provide every customer with a 100% satisfaction guarantee because we know the quality of the work we complete.  A few years down the road if you have an issue, call us and we’ll come back,  at no charge.
  • Top-Rated Team– Our Venetia roofing & contracting experts have years of experience, and will treat your property with respect and care. Just like we would treat our own homes!
  • Proven Results- Finally, finishing 100’s of projects each year, we strive to be at the best at our craft and will never put our reputation on the line for sub-par work. 

If you are not satisfied with the quality of our work, then our labor on the project is free. We stand behind every project we install and would never do something at your home that we wouldn’t do at our own!

Our Previous Venetia-PA Roofing Customer Testimonials

After interviewing four different companies, Peak Precision Roofing provided the best service and price by far. Being an owner of a business, they know how to do business without any surprises. The job was done at the time that it was promised, which is very rare in the construction business. I highly recommend them! I will definitely do business with them again in the near future.

Perfect siding install Canonsburg-PA

Yuri Bekman

Homeowner Canonsburg, PA

Best Roofing company hands down. They are responsive the any questions you may have. They are fast but also do the highest quality work. Their pricing is on point. Their clean up was also done with attention to detail which is a highly looked over aspect as well. I may never have to get another roof in my lifetime, but if I ever do they will get my business, without a doubt.


Zachary DeFelice

Homeowner Pittsburgh, PA

The windstorms in the spring of 2018 revealed the poor condition of the roof at one of my rentals. With a huge rainstorm looming in the near future I called Devin at Peak Precision. He immediately responded and within a short period of time he and his crew were ripping off the old and installing the new roof. I couldn't ask for better service, Devin schooled me and went over every aspect of the job. The job was neat and the most reasonably priced of all the estimates. I highly recommend Peak Precision.

Best Vinyl siding company Canonsburg-PA

Alexander Coghill

Homeowner Canonsburg, PA

The roofing work done on my house was tremendous! Devin was extraordinarily helpful throughout the process. The job was completed in only two days; the roofers worked diligently. The pricing was very reasonable and the customer service was second to none. I would happily refer PEAK to anyone in need of a new roof.

Commercial Roofing professionals canonsburg

Alex Skroupa

Homeowner Canonsburg, PA

Undeniably the best Contracting company I have ever had the pleasure to deal with. They do everything they say they are going to do and more! They wont even take a penny from you until the job is 100% completed. Need I say more...

Expert Residential Roofers Canonsburg

Cassis Camp

Business Owner Canonsburg, PA

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